Short Story

We are Kingham Hill School’s, senior girls hockey players.

We are based in the beautiful Cotswolds, in the UK.

We love playing hockey.

We also realize just how privileged we are and that we have this incredible opportunity to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves.

This season we want to play for a purpose outside of ourselves. That is why we have chosen to support The Branch in Chipping Norton, UK and the Amathuba Foundation, based in South Africa.

Through our Goals for Lives campaign, we hope that we can support and raise money for both charities.

We have an opportunity to change lives through sport!

Please Note 1 GBP = R23.64 ( £10 = R236.64)

Kingham - Chipping Norton, United Kingdom (UK)

Goals for Lives – Kingham Hill School Senior Girls Hockey

R20,940.00 Given so far
R2500 Pledged per Result

Supported so far by 13 people.

Goal: R10,000.00
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The Branch Trust- Please click here for more information about The Branch

This is a building with a purpose.

A space with a focus, that will serve and transform the community for generations to come.

The money raised will help young people in the local community to be supported with their physical and mental health.


Amathuba Foundation – Please click here for  more information about the Amathuba Foundation

The money raised will enable a sporty young person the opportunity to access sports tours and sports equipment, which they would not have or partake in due to a lack of funds.

This will enable a young person to reach their potential.