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6 Grade 10 Boys from Selborne College decided that in order to raise funds to build a literacy centre for underprivilaged children in Mdantsane they will pick up litter and help clean the streets of East London.

They teamed up with local nonprofit organisation EduSport Youth.

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East London, South Africa

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In South Africa it is estimated that 80 percent of Grade 4 learners are functionally illiterate, after finding out about this Selborne College decided to take the initiative and help fund the construction of a literacy centre in Mdantsane.

Selborne College decided to seek help from the Grade 10 learners. They gave the Grade 10 learners a project to seek donations by doing challenges or other tasks and posting it on the Sport for Lives website.

This Literacy centre based in Mdantsane will provide 1 on 1 teaching and will allow under privileged children to further their education.

Our group, Matthew, Zeth, Christiaan, Carter, Benjamen and Zach decided that in order to raise funds for the project we will walk around the Abbotsford and Dorchester Area for 3-4 hours and pick up as much litter as we can.

Our Sponsors and anyone else who wants to help with funds can either pay an amount per KG of Rubbish picked up or a fixed sum.

The street cleanup will take place on Saturday the 19th of August And the Donation window will close on the 1st of September.

We Appreciate all of those who are able to support us and help us better the community.