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Ayabonga, Cayden, Likho, Pavithran and Thabo from 11M are the masterminds behind this project.

The ‘Rep For Lives’ campaign is way to earn money for the children that are in need of a literacy centre and the way we implemented ‘Rep For Lives’ was that for every R50 that will be donated to our campaign we would do 100 reps of us lifting weights and doing other physical activities in the gym to get to 100 reps.

East London, South Africa

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We (Ayabonga, Likho, Pavithran, Thabo and Cayden) are the masterminds behind this incredible project. We’re a group of passionate individuals from 11M who are committed to making a difference.

Our project, the ‘Rep For Lives’ campaign, holds a special place in our hearts. It’s not just about lifting weights and doing physical activities in the gym; it’s a creative way to raise funds for children in need of a literacy center. These young minds deserve a chance to learn and grow, and we’re determined to make that happen.

So, here’s how we’ve designed ‘Rep For Lives’: for every generous donation of R50 that comes our way, we pledge to complete 100 reps of various exercises. It’s a fun and challenging way for us to give back while also staying healthy ourselves. Through sweat and determination, we’re turning each rep into a step towards building a brighter future for these children.