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We (Liyanda, Robert, Qhamani, Siyolise and Mvuselelo) took our time to go give a helping hand to SportForLives and help them, help the community for better resources and facilities and for the kids to have a better learning centre.

So we took time to come up with a idea to promote and motivate people out there to hop on the same mission with us.

We have thought to do 3000 reps in 3 hours in the gym and on the sports field to promote the literacy centre and get people to be involved.

To be involved, you can donate as much money as you can.

Selborne College, South Africa

Reps For Lives- ZAN-P4

R80.00 Raised
4 Backers
Goal: R3,000.00
Minimum amount is R Maximum amount is R
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The organisation we have partnered with is a youth empowerment organization that provides education and sport to those who need it.
They help empower communities to uplift themselves by creating community jobs for youth to work in schools, clubs and afternoon academic support programs, thus ensuring that everyone has access to quality education and sport.
They do this by employing previously unemployed youth from the community and train them as Literacy Coaches or Sport Coaches (see EduCoach Program).

Through their partnership with Masinyusane, they put the youth to work in preschools, and primary schools either as Sport or Literacy Coaches.
We have helped them help the community by finding a need to help a community and give them a new and better literacy centre for every child to get the same opportunity as every child nation wide. We have found this cause and have seen that the school is in desperate need for help and it will be a good cause to help as it will change the future of the country…

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous R20.00 September 13, 2023 5:58 am
Anonymous R20.00 August 25, 2023 10:31 am
Anonymous R20.00 August 25, 2023 10:02 am
Anonymous R20.00 August 25, 2023 10:00 am