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I’m Mac Khoza, born and bred Durbanite who simply believes “was made for more” than himself – A passionate human being who is obsessed with building relationships and social development.

Running the 2024 Comrades Marathon with the inspired objective to raise funds for Community Chest, an NGO which continues in its commitment (since 1931) in uplifting the lives of many kids and adults in various under-resourced communities in KZN and PMB.

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Durban, South Africa

Run for Lives – Mac Khoza Community Chest

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Sports for Lives! I must say this phrase simply sums up my endeavour of running Comrades Marathon for the improvement of the children’s lives in less privileged communities across KZN and PMB. The kickback, besides the premium value add and added advantage to those kids lives – is that my life improves through facing the physical, mental and spiritual journey of setting out to raise funds, by training and running approx. 90km from DBN to PMB.

As a Durbanite; husband, father of two young vibrant kids – whoā€™s energy I only dream about towards the end of every marathon. Having lived in Durban most of my life, I love this city and note that our attitude & value of Ubuntu is a badge of honor not to be forgotten, we must press forward with an effort to remember and apply its influence in our daily lives.

As a reflection on a strategy that usually helps many – living one day at a time, in running – taking one step at a time. Running Comrades Marathon 2024, raising awareness and funding for children in various ECD schools, to ensure a much-needed educational boost and a helping hand for 100s of children from under resourced communities is a Massive feat ā€“ a combination of multiple small steps forward.

The challenges these kids face daily are real. I strongly commit to this cause each year because I understand we all face life’s challenges and it’s difficult to overcome and win every battle/time. Knowing my own challenges and hardships is enough to know that sometimes I just need a helping hand. Together we can change lives in the midst of the challenges we all face by committing to one act of kindness.

Through community development projects, Community Chest Durban and PMB supports 180 Non-Profit Organizations. The focus area of these organizations includes early Childhood Development, children, youth and family care, and residential care for the elderly and homeless, mentally handicapped, and disabled people. Crime and substance prevention and rehabilitation fall within Community Chest’s fields of support. Emergency causes are also budgeted for and supported.

Community Chest provides a monthly financial commitment to these NPO Impact Partners at the beginning of each financial year. Detailed monthly reports, coupled with visits and follow-up calls allow constant monitoring to ensure the funds donated are spent for the maximum benefit of the beneficiaries in care.

2024 Comrades is fast approaching and just over 3 months away with a training plan that will average 200km – 300km each month of running to ensure I reach PMB in one piece. Fundraising target of R200 000 raised towards the cause, I shall persevere even when thoughts that it’s not possible arise or tired legs want me to stop. Negativity will not be a part of my supplement intake! Support and encouragement towards this initiative will be welcome – a cause fought essentially together as a community of friends, neighbors, acquaintances, family members, South Africans and human beings currently breathing – yet for another day here on Earth, expressing the little we can towards a culture of compassion and humanity.

No donation is too small. Through an effort to make the donation process fun, we have set up some Raffle draw prizes to those donating to the cause. A heart full of gratitude is all I have for the privilege of being part of such an endeavor. Thank you! #onestepforward