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In 2021, we mourned the passing of a beloved House Master at Hilton College. Widely recognized for his steadfast commitment to assisting others and his memorable catchphrase, “Living the Dream,” he left an indelible mark on the hearts of our students.

In honor of him and his daughter, the annual Run For Richter event, which encircles our campus, is dedicated to raising funds for Singakwenza, an NGO with deep ties to the Richter family.

Now, as members of the Hilton College community, encompassing students, faculty, and affiliates, we unite to run in remembrance of our cherished colleague, friend, and educator, Tony Richter, alongside his daughter Alice, who tragically left us two years ago.

In representing Hilton College, our aim is to honour Tony’s enduring legacy by running with a purposeful mission. Our chosen beneficiary is Singakwenza, a local non-profit organisation deeply intertwined with the Richter family, where both Mrs. Caroline Richter and her daughter Alice contributed significantly.

Tony Richter exemplified a profound dedication to serving others, and it is our privilege to commemorate his spirit through the annual Run for Richter event, scheduled for 14 February, 2024.

Singakwenza is devoted to early childhood education, empowering grassroots-level individuals to facilitate educational activities fostering fundamental learning skills in children.

With just R200 per month, you can support a child’s education through Singakwenza by helping cover their school fees.

We extend our invitation for you to join us in contributing R200 or more towards this meaningful cause.

Together, let’s honor Tony and Alice’s memory by making a lasting difference in the lives of children through education, ensuring they have access to the education they deserve

Join us by activating generosity and donate now.

Run For Lives – Run for Richter 2024

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With an estimated 5,7 million children under the age of four in South Africa, how do we help to transform empty crèches and homes into environments filled with enough equipment to ensure busy, happy, stimulated children? If we provide commercial toys, who would replace them if they get lost or broken? And how would we get these toys into all the homes of the children who really need them?

Singakwenza decided that a creative and sustainable solution to this problem was needed, and have developed a whole range of educational toys that teach the same concepts as purchased toys, but for zero cost. Household packaging that is usually discarded can be turned into a huge assortment of toys and games, using only a pair of scissors and a marker.

Bread bags can become skipping ropes,

Cereal boxes and plastic lids can become numeracy games,

Yoghurt containers become size sorters

Polystyrene trays become threading activities …

And if a toy breaks or gets lost, it is easy (and free) to make another one!

Singakwenza believes strongly in empowering women, especially those practitioners who show enthusiasm, initiative and commitment. Their programme focusses on training practitioners on-site at their crèches, and helps to transform them from babysitters to facilitators who understand the role of play in early development.

Their trainers spend one day a week in each crèche, teaching and mentoring practitioners on how to educate the children in their care using resources made from recycling. These trainers work with their practitioners every week for a minimum of two years, guiding, modelling and encouraging them towards a daily structured, and educational programme that is fun. They encourage practitioners to grow their crèches into, not only centres where every child has the opportunity to develop their potential, but also into sustainable businesses so that they can continue independently once they leave. There are currently five Singakwenza trainers.