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Dr. Cheree Goldswain is not only an accomplished professional in her field but also a dedicated advocate for CHD awareness. As a paediatrician based at Frere Hospital (East London) who has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by children and families affected by CHD, she is committed to making a difference beyond the walls of the hospital alone.

Dr. Goldswain’s determination to raise awareness and support for heartKIDS SA shines brightly as she embarks on this incredible journey by running the Two Oceans Marathon .

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Cape Town, South Africa

Run For Lives – Two Oceans for CHD

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HeartKids SA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children, and families affected by congenital heart disease. There vision is to be a leading advocate and facilitator  in CHD awareness and education; and a centre of solace for families affected by congenital heart disease.

They focus on educating the public on congenital heart disease and its impact, lobbying and engaging private and public institutions as an advocate for CHD awareness and support, whether structural and/or financial, and providing practical, emotional and financial support to families affected by CHD.

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