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Paul Roos and Grey College are great rivals but they are collaborating for a second year to raise funds for Calling Education, which was started by old boys of the two schools. Their dream was to start schools that would make the head-start they received from the quality education at Paul Roos and Grey, available to learners who would otherwise not have been able to afford it.

The school communities of Paul Roos and Grey College are raising funds by pledging donations per try, per goal, per game won, etc. for the upcoming interschools event of 18 and 19 August. We hope to raise R75 000 to support infrastructure development at Calling Academy Kroonstad and grounds development at Calling Academy Stellenbosch.

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Bloemfontein, South Africa

Sport For Lives – Calling for Paul Roos vs Grey 2023

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In 2016, two old boys of Grey College (Willem Meyer, 1999 and Philip Geldenhuys, 2001) and an old boy of Paul Roos (Werner Cloete, 1999) starting working on one of SA’s greatest challenges: the lack of access to high-quality education for low-income learners.

After two years of research and development, Calling Academy was founded in 2018 with 60 Grade 8 boys. Today, this school educates 300 learners. With a truly affordable school fee of only R6 960, this school also receives a government subsidy but further relies on private donations. After the early success of the first school, a second Calling Academy was founded in 2022 in Kroonstad. This school currently has an enrolment of 97 learners and will grow to approximately 300 learners by 2026. A building project is envisioned for 2024 which will increase the school’s capacity.

In 2022, the founders of Calling Education decided to approach the principals of Paul Roos and Grey to bring this special story to their attention. Both schools agreed that the PRG vs Grey Interschools event is a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds for this worthy cause. Doing it through pledges connected to the weekend’s matches adds some spice to the endeavour!

Paul Roos and Grey have a rich tradition of raising great men for South Africa. This is their drive to help make quality education available to learners who would otherwise not have been able to access it. Semper Splendidior. Stabilis. Making every effort to confirm our calling.

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