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We are a group of 4 young gentlemen from Selborne College.We are doing triathlon to raise money for the illiterate children in South Africa.

We ask you to donate at the link below to help build a centre to help teach young pupils in South Africa how to read.

The non profit organisation we have partnered with is EduSport Youth, a local organisation based in east london

East London, South Africa

Tri For lives-LO For Literacy-Sports for Lives (HMN-R5)

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We were tasked with doing the LO for literary campaigning activity

  1. We quickly found out that we all had strengths in three very different sectors and decided to put them together to do a triathlon
  2. We started off with a 3,5 Kilometer swim
  3. Then did a 103 Kilometer cycle
  4. And finished it off with a 22 Kilometre run
  5. Now we are at the stage where we have done all we can and ask for your help to make South Africa a better place for the future and help fight against the illiteracy rate of young students in South Africa