Eddie Tippet raised R53,055 to support hearing impaired

Eddie Tippet raised R53,055 to support hearing impaired

“Deafness is invisible, its impact on life is not”

Born 3 months prematurely with profound hearing loss in both ears, Eddie’s parents were determined that this disability was not going to limit his opportunities.

Starting with the miracle of Cochlear Implants at the age of 2, he was able to hear the world around him.

Mainstream schooling from Grade 1 provided integration into a normal upbringing and from a young age Eddie developed a great love for the outdoors.

It took perseverance and many hours and years of hard work to become the person he is today; able to engage, communicate and lead a sport-filled life. Having the encouragement and support from family and friends Eddie took up running, hiking, fitness and most importantly swimming.

Eddie’s vision for Moving for Sound is to create greater awareness for those in similar circumstances as well as those who haven’t been as fortunate as him.

There are many families who are unable to afford these surgeries and those who can, are often faced with various ongoing maintenance costs associated with these audio advancements.

Moving for Sound in partnership with the Hear Us Association raised R53,055.00 to support Cochlear recipients in the first of a series of challenges that Eddie is doing, the Robben Island Freedom Swim.

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