Short Story

A rugby game for Graeme College, a young man with dreams, an injury, an amputation, a life altered forever.

We are the Graeme College 1st XV.

This is our story, this is the reason why we choose to play for a greater purpose this 2022 rugby season.

In September 2021, Simnikiwe, a Graeme College pupil, developed a serious injury to his knee during a rugby game. Despite the X-rays showing that he had no fracture damage to the knee, there was significant damage to the main artery and as a result muscle damage. Sadly the medical team in the Hospital advised that amputation was the only solution. This came as a huge shock to both his family and school community. He has not only had to deal with the physical trauma of losing his leg during this life changing situation but also the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it.

Graeme College and the old Graemians have since started the Simnikiwe Bosman Trust Fund in the hope of raising funds to ease the burden for Simnikiwe’s family and those in similar situations to him. All funds are carefully administered by the Trustees of this Trust Fund.

Current Needs:
1. Help pay for an everyday prosthetic and a sport prosthesis.
2. Costs of travelling frequently to Gqerbera to see a doctor.
3. Specifically modified shoes.
4. Ongoing physiotherapy treatment.

You can change Simnikiwe’s life and, those like him, by pledging an amount per try scored in the season OR donating a once-off amount now.

Join us in activating generosity towards this great cause this season. 

Makhanda, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Tries for Lives – Graeme College backs Simnikiwe

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Goal: R450,000.00
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Unfortunately, donations made to this campaign will not be able to receive Section 18A tax certificates as the Simnikiwe Bosman Trust Fund does not have Section 18A status yet.