Play for a greater purpose by raising funds for a cause.

Activate generosity through sport.

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South Africa is the most unequal country in the world. 

Sport has the power to change this.

We use the vehicle of sport to activate generosity within a community by facilitating opportunities for individuals and teams to play for a greater purpose.

Connecting to a cause.

Find a need in your immediate community, build a relationship and start a fundraising campaign.

Why we believe Change is Possible:

✔ We are about authentic change:

Sport for Lives focuses on mentorship on and off the field, facilitating mindset and heart shifts to influence the perspective of the youth as they change the future of inequality in South Africa.

✔  We are about generosity:

Sport for Lives creates a platform for individual and school communities to adopt a culture of generosity.

✔ We value family:

Sport for Lives provides opportunities for families, who are the most effective catalysts of change, to impact their surrounding  communities.

✔ We are about the individual:

Poverty and inequality can be so disabling because it’s hard for an individual to know how to serve those around them. Sport for Lives empowers the individual to serve their communities in a meaningful way as part of everyday life.

✔ We are relevant:

The Non-Profit sector in South Africa is actively addressing the challenges we face as a country. The needs that these organisations meet, daily, have increased significantly during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sport for Lives, through activating generosity, can alleviate this increased financial burden so that the work can continue to be carried out effectively.

✔ We are stream-lined:

Every week, around the country, thousands of sports’ matches are played. We simply create opportunities for sports teams to set up campaigns and for stakeholders, represented by the team, to pledge an amount of money per try/goal/hoop/km/lap/birdie. 90% of the funds raised are given to their designated Non-Profit Partner whilst 10% goes to our administration costs.

✔ We are non-threatening:

Sport has always been a great unifier. Sport for Lives creates a non-threatening context for communities to engage with socio-economic challenges through playing and supporting sport.

Current Fundraising Campaigns

Hope in Action

Your Campaign journey


Find a need in your community through a registered Non-Profit Organisation.

Form a relationship with the NPO partner you are helping.


Register on our website to create a personalized campaign.

Set a clear and specific campaign goal.

Link your campaign goal to a sports code.

Click ‘’Start a Campaign” and follow all the instructions.

Your campaign will be reviewed and will go live once approved.


Reach out to your network for people to pledge an amount in support of your campaign.

Send out your personalized campaign link.

Update your campaign as you go to keep your funders informed.

Keep in close contact with your NPO partner throughout the journey.


Write your story of hope by completing your campaign over your chosen period.

Celebrate the narrative by concluding your campaign and we will hand over your funds raised.

A screening process of your Non-Profit Organisation.

Campaign set up on our website.

Several payment platforms for collection of funds raised.

Auditing, management and transfer of all funds raised to your chosen Non-Profit Organisation.

✓ Training and Support through webinars, mentorship manuals and other tools to ensure your campaign is a success.

✓  Social Media awareness of your campaign on our various platforms.

Our live scoreboard

What we have achieved so far.

Organisations reached
5.1 Mil
Rands pledged
School communities involved
Our live scoreboard

What we have achieved so far.

Organisations reached
5 Mil
Rands pledged
Teams participated
School communities involved
Words from change makers playing for lives

Stories of hope

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