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We are the Selborne Soccer Club and we are on a mission.

A mission to raise funds for the 4UBUKO campaign.

Join us as we play for a cause greater than ourselves this soccer season.

To activate generosity and play a  part in The 4 Ubuko Initiative,

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East London, South Africa

Goals for Lives – Goals for Ubuko

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Ubuko was two years old when he was diagnosed with meningococcal septicemia. This led to gangrene and sadly Ubuko lost both his legs and several fingers…

He is now currently in Grade 8 at Selborne College and quite literally we want to give him a hand.

Not only has Ubuko had the challenges of adapting to everyday school life on his blades but he also only has his thumbs and an index finger to work with as well. As you can imagine this makes even the most basic of tasks, a massive challenge.

Despite all of his challenges Ubuko continues to smile his way through it all. His attitude towards life is truly unmatched. The Selborne Soccer Club have dedicated their 150th soccer season to this worthy individual. The club have partnered up with the TFL Academy which is a registered NPO that raises fund for children in need through sport.