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My name is Songezo Mabece

I am a national radio talk show host on SAFM and full time Legal Counsel at the Competition Commission of South Africa.

This July, in support of the work and programmes of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Imbumba Foundation, I will be taking on the great summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania in an independent capacity.

This will be part of the annual and global #MandelaDay commemorations that see the world contributing something to society for #67minutes.  The climb will take much longer than that, but my hope is to help draw attention to the many social challenges young girls and women in our society face as lived and daily experience. The funds raised will be going to the Caring4Girls menstrual health programme at the Imbumba Foundation.

I aim to raise R110 000, by the 25 June 2022 and we can, with your help.

At the conclusion of my climb, I will take my left hiking boot and donate it to my alma mater, Selborne College to start the “Left Boot Legacy”. It is my hope that this will be the start of an ongoing campaign that will ensure that a person over the age of 18 in the community of Selborne schools will be able to participate in the annual climbs of Mt Kilimanjaro in honour of the work of former President Mandela.

Change a girl child’s life by donating a once-off amount now.

Join us in activating generosity towards this great cause.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Climb for Lives – #MandelaDay Climb

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The Imbumba Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded by innovative social entrepreneur, Richard Mabaso in 2010.

Imbumba is a bean seed. It symbolises eternity and the unending cycle of life. It represents an eternal bond and because it has no beginning  or end, constant growth through unity, the cycle of life, which is the whole concept behind a seed, being renewal and growth. It’s a visual link to a flower being positive growth and the unity between Imbumba and the organisations it supports and serves.

Trek4Mandela¬†is an annual expedition to summit Africa‚Äôs highest peak on¬†Mandela Day, 18 July¬†to honour Nelson Mandela‚Äôs living legacy that not only inspires Africans but across the globe.¬†¬†The expedition was established by innovative social entrepreneur and humanitarian, Richard Mabaso and is led by renowned South African adventurer and motivational speaker, Sibusiso Vilane ‚Äď the first black African to conquer the three Poles challenge: South Pole, North Pole and Mount Everest.

Research  has revealed that girls from poor backgrounds could miss up to 50 days of school each year due to menstrual related challenges. According to UNICEF girls’ education and empowerment literally  saves millions of lives. More educated women tend to be healthier, work and earn more income, have fewer children, and provide better health care and education to their children.

For more information on this incredible Foundation please click here