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My name is Travis Warwick-Oliver.

It is a joy for me to run and therefore, I choose to Run for Joy.

On the 22nd of April, I will run the UTD 100 miler (ultra Trail Drakensberg 172km) trail run through Lesotho and the Drakensberg to raise money for a wheelchair for Joy, through the Rejuvenate SA Non-Profit Organisation.

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Hilton, PMB, South Africa

Run for lives – Run for Joy

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Meet Joy.

Joy was given just a few days to live after being diagnosed with Brittle Bone disease. Ten days later she arrived at the Boake Family Foster Home and has lived an extremely happy and joyful 24 years.

From the outset, her condition was severe and something as small as sneezing would break Joy’s ribs. Joy has fractured almost every bone in her body and lived an exceptionally painful first eight years of her life. When Joy turned eight she was given the opportunity to try a trial drug which changed her life. Joy is now able to be moved, to crawl and to do activities worry-free.

Joy fell in love with photography at a very young age. She excelled in her schooling but due to her condition was unable to continue, so she took up photography. Joy has now opened up her own business which has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Joy works with top models and is a force to be reckoned with.

The chair is fitted with 4×4 wheels which will allow her to venture onto tough to get terrain while doing her photo shoots, a special cushion to provide maximum comfort and a specially adjusted height to suit her needs and wants.

FB – @joygazing Photography
Insta – @joygazingphotography

Rejuvenate SA is a Non-Profitable Organisation, founded by Travis who is a below knee amputee, whose purpose is to provide underprivileged people with the means to mobility. Our aim is to get people mobile and active, whether it’s providing prosthetic limbs, wheel chairs or crutches. With mobility comes life, and life is movement.

Founder Travis Warwick-Oliver underwent an amputation and soon learnt that having a disability is an extremely costly thing. In South Africa, there is barely any support from medical aids and hardly any government funding for people with these disabilities.

Rejuvenate SA aims to show the world what people with disabilities are capable of with the means of mobility.