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We are Brady Potter, Mathew Earl, Connor Earl, Josh Carr and Riley Boardman and we are five Grade 11 boys from Selborne College who are setting out on a mission to raise funds for our fellow Selbornian and brother, Ubuko, a wonderful young man who truly embodies the values of Selborne College. With the help of Mr Kruger and Mrs Hartmann, we at Selborne have incorporated the Sport For Lives model into the Grade 11 LO curriculum. For our Grade 11 LO Project, we will run 30km in 3 hours. It is going to be a privilege to test ourselves in such circumstances, but we need your help for the event to be a success. The run will take place on Sunday the 21st of August, and we will run from Spargs Beacon Bay to Gonubie beachfront and back. Join us in activating generosity and pledge an amount of your choice today.


East London, South Africa

Run for Lives – Run4Ubuko

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So, why are we raising money for Ubuko? Ubuko, through bacterial meningitis, lost both legs as a young boy. On top of this, he has a disfigured hand, making everyday activities more challenging than necessary. Ubuko has blades as legs which makes walking a possibility for him he now has the opportunity to obtain a prosthetic hand which would allow him to go about his daily activities with ease, this would change his life completely. Unfortunately, this is a highly costly venture approximately R600 000, and he needs all the help he can get! 

Mr Kruger and Mrs Hartmann cleverly incorporated helping Ubuko into our LO curriculum as a project (this campaign). We are all keen runners (to varying extents), so when we were tasked with sustaining a particular sporting discipline for 3 hours, we chose to run. If we maintain a 6-minute per kilometre pace throughout the run, we will cover 30kms. The 30km run will start at Spargs Beacon Bay continue through to Gonubie and finish back at Spargs. This run will test our endurance and perseverance, but we will be motivated by the fact that we are doing it for a great cause. 

When we were given this task the original goal was to raise R1 000. We discussed amongst ourselves that we wanted to go the extra mile to help our “brother” so we set our goal of raising R10 000 and will make it our mission to make sure we accomplish this goal. If you would like to help make a difference in Ubuko’s life, click back on the campaign and donate any amount you wish, it would be greatly appreciated by the five of us and the rest of the Selborne College community.


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