Short Story

My name is Andrew

I love being outdoors and walking in nature.

On the 30th November 2021 I was walking in a nature reserve alone ,I lost my footing, fell down a hill and broke my ankle in 3 places. I couldn’t walk on it and had to crawl back to a road, flag someone down and was taken to hospital.

Despite this horrific ordeal, an operation and countless hours of physio I consider myself incredibly privileged. I have access to medical aid, a good hospital 5 min away from where I fell, a supportive family and community and access to crutches and physio on site in the hospital.It was a huge blessing to me. During this time I became aware of how easy it has been for me because of my access to good healthcare but what about those who don’t?

I became aware of some many people who just simply cant afford the basics, let alone Physio and an operation.

In partnership with Siyakwazi I will be walking close to 100km in order to raise R35 000 for Anothando* ( not her real name )

Anothando is a young girl who was only diagnosed with severe autism this past February. She is non verbal and finds communicating quite difficult. Getting dressed in the morning is a real struggle for her. She loves playing with dolls, shiny Lego and is starting to choose her own toys to play with. Her parents have really struggled with access the specialized education that she needs. Thanks to Siyakwazi she has been accepted at Cornerstone School, a private school for children with Autism, however her parents are unable to afford her fees.

Due to my injury I am not able to walk far distances unaided, so everyday I will be walking a short distance everyday using my crutches until I become able to walk without them.

Partner with me to activate generosity, by donating per KM or donating a once off amount now.

Together we can!

hilton, South Africa

Walk For Lives – Siyakwazi

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Siyakwazi began in 2011 through working alongside Masakhane, a locally based community care centre that made referrals into homes of children with disabilities. Recognising a need to provide specialised services for children with disabilities, Siyakwazi was formed to provide inclusive services of all children within ECD centres, support to families through home-based programmes as well as support for local schools. Programmes were established within the community and later a need for having a base from where all the activities moved out from the Siyakwazi Resource centre was built in 2018. Today this base offers a hub of support including a toy library

We want to see inclusive communities where all children 0-7 years are given equal opportunities to learn.

Siyakwazi Is a community-based organisation that strives to reduce the damaging effects of stigma, exclusion and lack of essential Interventions for children with disabilities and those at risk of getting left behind. Through our unique early interventions, family and teacher participation as well as awareness strategies, we ensure that all children develop holistically and reach their full potential.

Supporting children with disabilities Siyakwazi creates an ‘eye opener’ into the potential of every child to learn and supports teachers and parents/guardians with specific ways to include children with disabilities and/or learning barriers with specialised tools and resources. Siyakwazi follows a holistic model of inclusion to support children with disabilities. The model is based on Siyakwazi’s principles of supporting early identification and intervention.

School Readiness Implementing early intervention Siyakwazi’s School Readiness programme follows a method of early identification and prevention, finding children who are at risk of falling behind and supporting them to catch-up

To read more about this incredible NGO click here or watch their video below

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