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We, the Sharks U20 team of 2022 see rugby as more than just a game. It is a voice. It is something that creates connection and through that connection, provides an opportunity to create social change and make a difference.

We realize the privileged position we are in. A position where we can do what we love and partner with those in need, the most vulnerable in our very own community, by playing for a cause.

It was our privilege to visit Liv Village, an incredible place that has changed the lives of many vulnerable children over the years. After visiting the Village, interacting with the children and community, we were more connected to seeing, first hand, the difference we can make. It excites us to see the drive for sport at the Village and with us being sportsmen ourselves, we value the holistic benefits that sport offers – beyond just the field.

To continue the partnership between the Sharks family and Liv Village- we are so excited to develop a lasting relationship that can uplift the lives of the children who have so much to offer.

We, as a team, have decided to play for Liv Village this season and we will be specifically raising money for new rugby poles and basketball nets through scoring tries.

A special moment during our visit as a team to Liv Village.


Join us, the Sharks U20 2022 team,  in activating generosity towards this great cause this season. 

Pledge an amount per try scored in the season OR donate a once-off amount now.

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Durban KZN, South Africa

Tries for Lives – Sharks U20 Rugby playing for Liv Village

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Liv Village is a long term cluster foster care, where children have a sense of belonging in a supportive community. They place orphans and vulnerable children in a family environment where all their needs are met by taking a holistic approach to physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

The story of LIV started in 1997 when a vision was birthed in the heart of Tich Smith, to build a village for orphan and vulnerable children where they will have a home with a mother who loves them, food to eat, a school to educate them and where they will come to know God as their Father in heaven. Tich also dreamed of creating jobs for individuals in surrounding communities so that they can earn an income and look after their families. Tich, along with his wife Joan, has relentlessly been pursuing this dream and 20+ years later, after much groundwork done and building relationships in local communities, LIV is an established organisation looking after the most vulnerable of our society – orphan children.

Liv Village’s vision is to Rescue a child, Restore a life, Raise a leader and Release a star. To learn more about the incredible work they do, please watch the video below:


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