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I am Stegmann van Zyl, a multi sport athlete born and bread in the Karoo.

I have a passion for endurance sport. I believe that through sport and with sport we can have a positive impact in our communities. I have been extremely blessed to be able to take part in endurance races all over the world. Sport and, in particular, these types of endurance races have shaped my life and have taught me many life lessons, but there is a bigger purpose than just me.

I remember listening to someone in high school, a man who ran endurance races and he said ” When I can’t run anymore and my legs want to give up, I think of those who perhaps aren’t able bodied, are in wheelchairs or can’t use their legs and I then run for them.”

I want to be able to give back to the community and and see others thrive and achieve their dreams. I was fortunate enough to hear Simnikiwe’s story and it has impacted my life. Despite being an educator at a “rival ” school to Simnikiwe, I feel that we need to come together. This type of accident could happen to anyone and for that reason I will be racing for Simnikiwe this year.

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Grahamstown, South Africa

Race for Lives – Stegmann for Simnikwe Challenge

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In September 2021, Simnikiwe, a Graeme College pupil, developed a serious injury to his knee during a rugby game. Despite the X-rays showing that he had no fracture damage to the knee, there was significant damage to the main artery and as a result muscle damage. Sadly the medical team in the Hospital advised that amputation was the only solution. This came as a huge shock to both his family and school community. He has not only had to deal with the physical trauma of losing his leg during this life changing situation but also the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it.

I will be raising money for the Simnikiwe Bosman Trust Fund.

Current Needs:
1. Help pay for an everyday prosthetic and a sport prosthesis.
2. Costs of travelling frequently to Gqerbera to see a doctor.
3. Specifically modified shoes.
4. Ongoing physiotherapy treatment.