Building Bridges of Empathy: Sport For Lives, DPHS, and The Learn Project Join Forces for Eqinisweni Primary Library.

Building Bridges of Empathy: Sport For Lives, DPHS, and The Learn Project Join Forces for Eqinisweni Primary Library.

DPHS and Eqinisweni Library Partnership.

In a country as diverse as South Africa, the importance of communities coming together cannot be overstated.

Earlier this year, a heartwarming partnership between the Sport For Lives movement, Durban Preparatory High School (DPHS), and The Learn Project exemplified the power of diverse school communities uniting for a common goal.

Their mission was to establish a library at Eqinisweni Primary, nestled in the Inanda Township.

This collaboration did not just bring books to eager young minds; it laid the foundation for a more empathetic South Africa.

DPHS and Eqinisweni Primary may be worlds apart in many ways, but their shared commitment to education and the future of their students is unwavering.

After years of partnership between these two Durban primary schools, they recognized an opportunity to make an even greater impact by creating a space that would benefit Eqinisweni’s learners for years to come.

The decision to build a library stemmed from a pressing concern: the alarming statistics on reading proficiency in under-resourced schools.

It was clear that a library would provide a crucial resource to address this issue, offering students a chance to explore new worlds through books and nurturing a love for reading.

However, this initiative was about more than just books;
it was about building bridges.

Sport For Lives believed that the library at Eqinisweni could be the cornerstone of an exercise in empathy between the two schools.

The vision was for children from both sides of the highway, representing different backgrounds and experiences, to discover that they shared more in common than they initially thought.

The fundraising efforts for the library were nothing short of remarkable. The DPHS community, alongside various businesses, rallied together, demonstrating the power of unity.

In less than three weeks, The Learn Project, with their unwavering dedication to literacy, transformed this dream into a reality.

Their passion for reading made them the perfect partners for this campaign.

A heartfelt thank you must go to the South African Bulk Terminals team, whose support and generosity played a pivotal role in bringing the library to life.

Their recognition of the campaign’s important mission further illustrates that

when diverse entities come together, they can create meaningful change.

This partnership is not just a heartwarming story; it’s a testament to the potential for empathy and unity to flourish across South Africa.

It serves as a reminder that by working together and breaking down the barriers that divide us, we can build bridges between communities, fostering understanding and creating a brighter future for all.

The library at Eqinisweni Primary is more than just a repository of books; it is a symbol of hope, unity, and the belief that, together, we can make a difference in the lives of young South Africans.

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