SFL Campaigners Starter Pack


Welcome to the SFL Family

Thank you for taking the first step, by setting up your SFL Campaign.

Where to from here?

Setting up your campaign is the first step in the process, but now we need to get eyes and ears on what you are doing.

At SFL we believe that the purpose of each of our campaigns is to give a voice to those in need – the most
vulnerable in our societies by playing for a cause. So how do we do that effectively and authentically?

In this Starter Pack, we
will guide you through
each step of the
campaigning process.

The pack is divided into 4 sections.
First and foremost, our values. As an organisation, we want to share our vision, beliefs and heart behind what we do.

This is followed by our ‘How-to
Campaigner’s Guide’ – a map that will take you through each step of the campaigning process (Launch,
Update and Closing), so that you can give your campaign the voice that it needs.

Our Values

“We want to see a culture of generosity, fuelled by authentic relationships and ignited by sport.”
Our Message

The Message of SFL in a nutshell is that we are not about individuals trying to solve the world’s problems through individual fundraising campaigns. Instead, it’s an invitation to be a part of a story that’s bigger than ourselves, a challenge to acknowledge the need around us and to rally our community to help meet those needs. It’s not about changing the narrative on our own, but rather, empowering the disempowered to write their own stories, and in that, we hope that what we do, will be a catalyst for bigger change.

“It’s not about changing the narrative on our own, but rather, empowering the disempowered to write their own stories.”



Phase 1:

Launching your campaign

This is the most important phase in your campaign. It’s your opportunity to tell your story, who you are, your heart, the sport you love, the cause you have decided to champion and why you have decided to do this.

Remember that by starting a SFL campaign, you are becoming a face for that cause, and you are giving a voice to someone or many that need to be heard. So, there are two parts to the launch;

  • Introducing yourself, and
  • Introducing the beneficiary / non-profits or whoever you have decided to partner with to the SFL community.
‘Must Have Media’

In this starter pack we talk about two media types: Essential ‘Must-Have’ media and then ‘Optional Extras’. We focus on the Must-Haves first, and we hope for the Optional Extras.

Must Have’ Piece 1: The Portrait shot

This is critical in introducing who you are. If you are a solo athlete or if you are campaigning as a pair, you will need a portrait shot. Below is an example of what this could look like.

‘Must Have’ Piece 2: The Team shot

If you are campaigning as a team, you will need a team shot, below is an example of what this could look like. The shot doesn’t need to be creatively limiting, have some fun with it

More examples and tips on getting the shot!
These shots for example look really great and they don’t need to be professionally done. A friend can do them, but there are a few important things to consider. Below are some good tips to getting the shot you need.

Gear: Make an effort to get hold of a good camera – even a high-end iPhone or other newer smartphone will do a great job.

Lighting: It’s usually easier to take outdoor photos than indoor ones. Avoid midday and try to get afternoon or morning light which is softer. The angle of light at these times will also fall more directly on your face, casting fewer shadows.

Focus: This is critical – you want the focus around the eyes to be sharp and crisp. Never use the zoom function on your phone as this will make the shot more pixelated and blurrier. Rather move physically closer to the subject.

Background: This is another key piece – make sure it isn’t cluttered and busy, emptier is always better. Newer smartphones can do a decent job of creating a nice blur for subject separation in portrait mode but don’t rely on this, rather take both versions to be safe. Another good idea is to bring your sports arena into the background of your shot if you can. If you are a swimmer, why not be in the pool? If you are a runner, take it on a nice empty road.

Optional additional Launch Phase extras
Once you have nailed your Portrait / Team shot. Let’s look at some optional extras you could include.

Get an action shot while doing your sport or add a shot of your beneficiary / NPO at work. Even if we don’t use this in the launch, media like this can be great to add once the campaign starts to gain some momentum.


Optional Video Launch?

Video is not for everyone, but if you’re up for it, what better way to properly introduce who you are and the cause you are championing than by speaking about it to the camera? If you do decide to add this into your media package, here are some tips on making sure that it comes across well:

  1. Follow the who, what, why and how behind your campaign. Who are you? What are you doing, Why are you doing it, and How can others get on board to support you?
  2. People’s attention spans on social media are very short so keep it brief and punchy (under 1 minute) but most of all make sure it is authentic to who you are.
  3. Film it in portrait (not landscape) as it would most likely be used as a reel or story.
  4. Try and find an interesting setting – again the arena of your chosen sport is always a great option, but also be aware of lighting and sound. Crackle and distortion from wind will only detract from your message.

Phase 2: An Update

This is not essential in all campaigns – for example if yours is short format campaign or a once off event then it may not be necessary, but if it’s a campaign that is lasting throughout a sport season, or if you are a triathlete on a series of endurance events, then this may be important to do.

Remember that as you invite people into a story, they will become invested in the narrative, so the purpose here is simply to remind our community of what you are doing and let them know how it’s going.

Below are some options on how you could do this…

If you are raising money for an individual with a need, send us a pic of them, along with a short write-up. Broaden the narrative and allow the community to connect with who you are championing.



if you have partnered with an NPO, source some pictures of the work they are doing. If you are visiting the organisation, take some yourself.

Once again.. the video option?

Maybe your campaign involves a lot of training for an upcoming run – send us a clip and update us on how the fundraising is going (include thank yous, or tell us a bit of your personal journey in the training etc). You can get creative here, but again keep it under a minute and keep it engaging. Walking or moving shots often get way more engagement than simply standing and delivering what you want to say.

Phase 3:

Closing and Thanks

This phase is really for all those who have contributed and are invested in the story.
Growing the SFL community

This is your chance to thank the SFL and wider community (all those who have given to and shared in the story) and remind them of how this is changing lives. If you reached your target, let everyone know and thank them for making it possible.

Perhaps your campaign was around bringing freshwater to a rural community? Ask the NPO to send a picture of the newly installed tap being used – this is a great visual to complete a story. Another simpler option could be to just get a good group shot of the beneficiaries and we can use that to close off the story.

If you prefer, you can also do a short video, thanking those who contributed and briefly describing the knock-on effect of your campaign.

“Everybody can be great because everybody can serve”

Final Summary

Exactly what SFL needs from you
We are so excited for the journey ahead! Below is a summary of everything you need, and what we need from you to make it great.
Must – Haves Optional Extras
Launch Phase Team photo or portrait photo. 1. Action athlete photo.
2. photo of Beneficiary.
3. photo of NGO at work.
4. launch video (sub –
one minute).
Update Phase This is only necessary if you are doing a long campaign or if your campaign involves a long training build-up. If so, remember to send us beneficiary photos or a quick video update on how it’s going. The same optional extras
apply as above.
Closing Phase A picture or video of the end result
/ impact of the campaign.
If this is unavailable, source
another form of media and send
us a short written update on how
the campaign story ended.

Place Pledge

This is non-binding commitment of support to the fundraiser that you will make a donation amount based on the amount of goals/tries/kms/etc achieved.